I was in Carlsbad on vacation during the week of the 4th of July. I had been experiencing some nerve pain from a stiff neck so I went on line to see if I could find someone that I could have help me.

I contacted Dr. Weber and she was extremely accommodating and worked me into her busy schedule… after I explained to her that I was returning to my home in Arizona the following day.

She treated me with acupuncture which made a big difference in reducing the tightness in my neck muscles. She was very kind in teaching and explaining to me what she would be doing. She was gentle and I felt no needle pain.

She also suggested the ancient Chinese healing method of cupping. I had seen athletes in the last summer Olympics that had round “hickie” like bruises on their backs from the procedure but didn’t know their purpose. The cupping increased the blood flow to my affected muscles and gave me needed pain relief.

JR [Mesa Arizona]

“I started having arthritis many years ago. I had difficulty sleeping for quite a while and was forced to take sleeping pills. After I received acupuncture and cupping from Ms. Mahshid Essalat, I felt relieved and could sleep better. I’m very happy and grateful with the results. In addition, the nutritional advise I gathered from Ms. Essalat was very helpful. Even though many years have passed since treatment, her suggestions have helped me keep a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I also appreciate her Spiritual nature.  —M.P.

As Mahshid’s daughter, I feel immensely grateful for the many gifts that my mother has given me, and one of the most valuable legacies she has passed down to me has definitely been a well-founded and healthy lifestyle. I have learnt from her that our bodies need to be treated with care and love, and that our relationship to health is an ongoing process that requires daily and preventive habits. My mother’s knowledge and passion for Traditional Chinese Medicine and other “alternative” (to Western culture) disciplines have helped me on countless occasions throughout all these years and taught me overall how to be more in control of my health.  —J.M.

I had the pleasure of using Mahshid [Essalat-Weber]’s therapeutic services for two separate issues. I had been enduring digestive disorders and ongoing sensations of bloatedness for a sustained period of time. Mahshid helped me identify root causes in my diet, and combined with a blend of natural remedies, she was able to eradicate this uneasiness.

On a separate occasion, I was badly under the weather with a nasty virus of the flu that had been going around. Mahshid performed cupping on me, and recommended a series of natural substances to take, as well as advice on areas of the body to protect and keep warm. Her advice stuck with me and has served as a preventive tool ever since. I can count on one hand the times I have been under the weather since I started putting her advice into practice.  —H.

I have received various treatments from Mahshid Essalat-Weber over the years. Just this one instance will suffice: I never thought I was going to try hypnotism, but I agreed to try a session of hypnotherapy. It was used to help relieve tension that was deep within me. She is calming (meaning with her voice, presence, touch), shows an understanding of how to guide a patient to go deeper toward personal issues, and takes get care to be nonjudgmental. The experience showed me something of the value of the technique. What would I like to say, is that regardless of ones issues, Mahshid Essalat-Weber uses a combination of therapies to assist and grapple a problem and work on the patient’s needs. This can be a combination of cupping, acupuncture, herbal therapy, hypnotism or counseling. Essalat-Weber is a healer and strives to bring each patient to a better place in their lives.  —L.J.

I was around six years old when I started my first session with Ms. Essalat[-Weber]. I came from a family with a history of allergies. My mother and her father suffered from eczema. In my father’s side of family, asthma was present for two generations. Essalat-Weber gave me cupping, essential oils and different herbal recipes tailored to my need (if an outbreak occurred). Now I am sixteen years old, with good health. I agree with my father when he said, “… before meeting her (Essalat-Weber), we took my daughter frequently to the hospital for emergencies, now she hardly goes to hospital.” I enjoy a normal teenage life with my friends. I still follow her advice. During the fall and winter asthmatic attacks would normally increase, I take preventative measures taking her prescribed herbs, as these have helped build protect myself, leading to my better health.  —L.R.

I met Ms. Essalat about 10 years ago after an unfortunate car accident where both my legs-below the knees, were crushed. I had a lot of sleepless nights, suffering from tremendous pain, for which I took pain relievers in high dosages. One thing that was difficult to tolerate was the “burning” sensation that was accompanying my pain. I was feeling as though my flesh was on fire and that no matter how many times I tried to get rid of that feeling by submerging my feet with cold water, it was always there. The worst part of it was that no one seemed to understand what I was complaining about. I was prescribed stronger dosages of pain killers no matter whom I spoke to. Then I met Essalat, who brought me a lot of comfort. The first time we met, since my legs were still in the stage of recovery, she could only prescribe herbs to take orally and apply locally on my injured feet. I could not believe how in the lapse of few days the burning sensation went away and my pain reduced to a degree that I also reduced my medication by half. She is an excellent therapist and herbalist. I wish her luck on starting new practice in Carlsbad.  —M.P.

I met Ms. Essalat many years ago when I was going to visit my daughter in Switzerland. At the time I was in my early sixties and suffered from periarthritis on my left shoulder for years. It all started with too much physical work and as years passed, it got worse. After the first session of acupuncture and cupping, I was markedly better. I had few other acupuncture treatments that helped greatly to reduce pain and increased the mobility of my shoulder.

I went back to Porto [Portugal] with lots of herbs to decoct, some taken in powder form. Ms. Essalat treated me with herbs for few years. During that period, I made sure to see her at every opportunity and received [herbal] recipes that she prescribed. I have been quiet functional since, and still enjoy working in my vegetable garden. Essalat’s treatment was a huge alternative to pain killers, that I had thought were my only solution. She is not only knowledgeable but she is caring.  —M.M.

When I was going through some very crucial years of teenage puberty, my acne became so severe, that I had to take one of the strongest medications on the market called Accutane. This medication led me to become depressed due to its side effects, as well as my personal sense of confidence in every day social situations. While Accutane helped my skin recover from acne, the side effects of redness, dryness, skin inflammation, and swelling, remained visible. Essalat-Weber examined my symptoms and recommended several ancient Chinese herbal medicines, which I took with pleasure, being desperate for a solution. Under Essalat-Weber’s guided, personalized, and caring treatment, my skin began to turn back to its normal state after so many years. I began to see a positive change not only in the swelling and redness, but in my overall everyday happiness. By the end of the summer, I was receiving endless compliments and I felt beautiful and confident once again, a feeling I had not felt in a long time. —P.M.